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Apprenticeships at Fort Vale



Fort Vale has been recruiting apprentices every year for over 40 years. This is a statistic we are very proud of, because, as a company we believe strongly that our future lies in producing a continuous flow of home grown talent, who are trained to a very high level, and, during the course of the apprenticeship develop not only into excellent engineers, but also as responsible people.

Dependant on company requirement Fort Vale has a variety of apprenticeships available:


Advanced Level Apprenticeships:

These are available in Mechanical Engineering, Welding and Fabrication, Combined Electrical / Mechanical Maintenance and Tool-making.

These apprenticeships take a minimum of four years to complete and combine technical certification through further education and vocational experience and qualifications.  The further education qualifications within the framework is the BTEC Level 3 Diploma. Fort Vale has a minimum expectation that our young people must achieve the higher level of the HNC which is over and above the framework requirements.  (We are one of a handful of local companies in the area that has this level of minimum expectation).   To back up the education requirements you will also cover an Extended Level 3 NVQ during the four year period which involves completing a portfolio as you gain knowledge and experience by working alongside our existing skilled team of people.


Business Admin:

This is a two / three year process in total where you will gain certification in business administration.  This involves following training plans and gaining vocational experience with bespoke training schedules to meet the requirements and development plans of the organisations department requirements. THis is completed by combining "In house" training alongside our experts in the various fields and using local colleges and training providers.